Quarters for the Jukebox

In the Jukebox — June 10

In the Jukebox for this week (based off what’s new to me and listed alphabetically by artist; lots to check out):

  • Adele—19: The second coming (and soberer?) version of Amy Winehouse?
  • Alanis Morissette—Flavors of Entanglement: Alanis goes back to a harder sound with pounding rock and heavy electronic sounds topped off with appropriately placed curse words.
  • Bangkok Five—We Love What Kills Us: Album of growling, manic rock with just enough of a dose of music sensibility to keep it cleverly all together—mucho potential to shine.
  • Ben Sollee—Learning to Bend: Earnest and beautiful music that touches into folk, soul, blues and pop.
  • Dr. John—City That Care Forgot: Big band blues rock with guest appearances by Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Ani DiFranco and Terence Blanchard.
  • Emmylou Harris—All I Intended to Be: A little country, a little folk, a little adult contemporary pop … .
  • The Fratellis: Melodic indie rock from across the pond, this trio has been on the cusp of making it in the U.S. for awhile but haven’t quite taken root. This sophomore album only strengthens their case.
  • Jakob Dylan—Seeing Things: The Wallflowers’ front man debuts his solo career with an offering of simply arranged, yet moving songs.
  • Jennifer Hanson—Thankful: Pleasant country pop sung by a pretty lady.
  • Jennifer Hudson—Spotlight: American Idol castoff turned Oscar winner drops a new R&B single. Despite the back beat, her voice adds a mature element that makes this stand out from the rest of the current radio teenage R&B and hip-hop fare.
  • Lil’ Wayne—Tha Carter III: Hip-hop album has reviewers tripping over themselves to proclaim Lil’ Wayne as the world’s best rapper.
  • Martha Wainwright—I Know You’re Married but I’ve Got Feelings Too: Martha sounds cheerier this time around … then again, when your last album was titled “Bloody Mother F**king Asshole,” I suppose just about anything seems brighter … .
  • Nelly—Body On Me: With the assistance of Akon and Ashanti, St. Louis’ son releases a smooth single suited for summer. The song is also on Ashanti’s “The Declaration” album and will be on Nelly’s upcoming “Brass Knuckles” album.
  • N.E.R.D.—Seeing Sounds: Per their usual, the N.E.R.D. trio mixes and matches crazy beats with what are often crazier lyrics and themes.
  • Rick Astley—Portrait: The father of the Rick Roll gets a reissuing of his 2005 album, where there’s no dance moves, just simple takes on classic songs.
  • Sam Phillips—Don’t Do Anything: Sam (Leslie) Phillips continues her musical soul searching and takes us along for the ride with master craftsmanship.
  • Sloan—Parallel Play: Solid indie pop rock (more rock than pop than previous albums) from Canadian mainstays.
  • Supergrass—Diamond Hoo Ha: Big, shiny indie pop rock.
  • We are Scientists—Chick Lit: Indie rock single release in three versions (single mix, Danger TV remix and Matt Helders [Arctic Monkeys] remix).

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