Quarters for the Jukebox

In the Jukebox — June 3

In the jukebox for this week (what’s new: alphabetically listed by artist):

  • Aimee Mann —@#%&*! Smilers: Melodic wordplay rock: classic Mann.
  • Ashanti — The Declaration: Ashanti is back, bronzed and Beyonce-er than ever (at least on the album cover).
  • be your own PET — Get Damaged: The deleted tracks from this Nashville punk rock foursome’s “Get Awkward” album are released as an EP. It’s brash and fun all at once. The track “Becky” is a delightfully violent take on breaking up with a friend.
  • Brendan James — The Day is Brave: American indie poetic-piano-pop, with a Damien Rice-esque voice … too bad the songs don’t match the Rice comparisons.
  • Gavin Rossdale — Wanderlust: Former Bush front man and current Gwen Stefani main man releases his debut solo effort, and it’s much softer than you might expect.
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Out this week — April 15

In the jukebox for this week (note: no way I’m reviewing all of these, but here’s what caught my eye … for reasons of appreciation or amusement):

  • The Constantines (album): Kensington Heights. I’ll review this later.
  • The Weepies (album): Hideaway. I don’t know this band, but there’s a cartoon whale on the cover.
  • Annea Lockwood (album): A Sound Map of the Danube. No lie, this is an album of just what it sounds like to ride down a river … no music (other than some distant church bells) … just water … and goats … .
  • The Duke Spirit (album): Neptune. I’ll review this later.
  • Jakob Dylan (single): Something Good This Way Comes. I’m a sucker for Wallflowers and will listen to this later in the week. Continue reading

Album – Asking for Flowers by Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards releases this album almost three years to the day since her last effort, Back to Me. The Canadian songstress comes across at times as a softer, more pop-focused Lucinda Williams, but still with just enough fault to her voice to be convincing in her musical parables. She continues her past blending of folk-pop and country, easily drifting from song to song along the album. For fans of her previous album, while the content here is good, be forewarned there’s nothing quite as “single” ready as the song “Back to Me.” Check for yourself.

Quarters for the songs: Buffalo; Run; Scared at Night; Sure as Shit; Asking for Flowers.
Worth listening, if you like: Laura Veirs; Aimee Mann; Lucinda Williams; Gillian Welch; Caitlin Cary; Neko Case; Rilo Kiley; etc.