Quarters for the Jukebox

In the Jukebox — July 2

In the Jukebox for this week (based off new releases and listed alphabetically be artist):

  • The Alkaline Trio — Agony & Irony: Pop-rock.
  • Beck — Chemtrails: An etheral, spacey (not for radio) single from the two turntabled maestro.
  • Crooked Still — Still Crooked: Moody folk bluegrass.
  • Jessica Simpson — Come On Over: I had to at least listen once and am thinking she’s a bit late to jump on the country train. The genre is already crowded with young blonde solo artists.
  • John Mayer — Live in Los Angeles: If you like John.
  • Kutless — To Know That You’re Alive: Melodic Christian hard rock.
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Album — The Odd Couple by Gnarls Barkley

Gnarls Barkley 

Gnarls Barkley embark on following up to their 2006 anthem single, “Crazy” (a song that seemed to be covered at almost every live show that year). From a collection of songs standpoint, this effort doesn’t stray much from 2006’s album, St. Elsewhere. If anything, I’d say the couple has built on their past and put forth a stronger (and more accessible) mix. From an anthem single standpoint, there’s no “Crazy” replacement here, and I’m finding this a good thing. There are some very good (and single-worthy songs), and none sound like artists trying to redo something they’ve already done (as numerous one-hit wonders follow-up by continuously trying to recreate the magic they lucked upon before).

Gnarls Barkely sound progressive, and have an improved sophomore album here, continuing to fill an eclectic mainstream music gap until Andre 3000 drops something new. Check for yourself.

Quarters for the songs: A Little Better; Run (I’m a Natural Disaster); Open Book.

Worth listening, if you like: Outkast; Beck; Kanye; Black Eyed Peas; Gorillaz; Pharrell; Genesis; Dungeon Family; Dangerdoom; Kelis.