Quarters for the Jukebox

Album — For My Friends by Blind Melon

Blind Melon
Blind Melon returns from the land of the non-recording bands, after losing lead singer/songwriter Shannon Hoon from a drug overdose in 1995 (though they continued with a few posthumous albums up until 2001). The group reformed with new singer Travis Warren at the helm. His vocals are cutting in their own right, but his sound doesn’t stray much from the original Hoon-led Blind Melon (Warren sounds like he was born to be the lead singer for an 80s hair band or a reboot of Blind Melon). With Warren’s familiar singing, the album slides in nicely to the band’s discography, an easy continuation of the band’s early to mid-90’s work. The lyrics are generally uplifting and sound meant to be inspirational in some form or another, which doesn’t always seem to fit with how the music actually sounds. Overall, the album is consistent with a really rootsy feel to it. Original fans will enjoy, but if you weren’t a fan before, don’t expect to be converted. Check for yourself.

Quarters for the songs: For My Friends; Harmful Belly; Last Laugh.

Worth listening, if you like: Collective Soul; Jane’s Addiction; Marcy Playground; Pearl Jam; Phish; Soul Asylum; Rusted Root; Toad the Wet Sprocket; Tonic.


In the jukebox — April 22

In the jukebox this week (for reasons of appreciation or amusement):

  • G-Unit (single): I Like the Way She Do It. Ayo! This is much better than singing about technology.
  • Flight of the Conchords (album): Flight of the Conchords. “You’re the most beautiful girl … in the room.”
  • Story of the Year (album): The Black Swan. Heavy-handed “emo-inflected-post-grunge.”
  • Billy Bragg (album): Mr. Love & Justice. Compilation album of hits. If you don’t know Bragg, think of a more political, British version of Lyle Lovett.
  • 50 Cent, G-Unit and Whoo Kid (album): Return of the Body Snatchers. I’ll review — first few songs sound better than 50’s last album … plenty of beats fused with gun shot sound effects and lyrics about money and dissing Diddy. Continue reading

Single – Wishing Well by Blind Melon
March 13, 2008, 1:45 pm
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Blind Melon

Blind Melon reunited in 2006 (with new singer, Travis Warren) and have said they want to pick up where they last left off. If this single is any showing of what they’ve got in store for an album, then they’ve succeeded. “Wishing Well” is a solid track, and as far as band continuity, I can’t say I could pick it out from something done 10 years ago–but for fans, more of the same is rarely a bad thing. However, the song begs the question, can a song really be taken seriously when the lyrics “turn that frown upside down” are used? Check for yourself.

If it were in a movie: Played during the travel montage of a restless vagabond … and there would be a train at some point (with lots of dust too).
Worth listening, if you like: 10, 000 Maniacs; Gin Blossoms; Live; Jane’s Addiction; The Veils.

Reviews coming

I’ve been downloading and listening to this week’s releases (and some from earlier) over the past day … should get some posts up over the next day or so …

What’s coming:

 – Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks; Alan Jackson; Blind Melon; The Black Crowes; Flogging Molly; Chris Brown; The Cribs; Jackson Browne; Kathleen Edwards; Leeland; Sanctus Real; The Gutter Twins; Morning Light; Meg Hutchinson; Brit and Alex; Joe Sample.