Quarters for the Jukebox

In the Jukebox — July 2

In the Jukebox for this week (based off new releases and listed alphabetically be artist):

  • The Alkaline Trio — Agony & Irony: Pop-rock.
  • Beck — Chemtrails: An etheral, spacey (not for radio) single from the two turntabled maestro.
  • Crooked Still — Still Crooked: Moody folk bluegrass.
  • Jessica Simpson — Come On Over: I had to at least listen once and am thinking she’s a bit late to jump on the country train. The genre is already crowded with young blonde solo artists.
  • John Mayer — Live in Los Angeles: If you like John.
  • Kutless — To Know That You’re Alive: Melodic Christian hard rock.
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Playlist time!

Ok — I think it’s time to put together a playlist for the arrival of some warm weather. Let’s collaborate. I’m thinking of doing two — one with whatever you’re listening to now, and another for music you want to enjoy this spring with (either via hammock swinging, Saturday driving, lawn darts — whatever it is you do). I say we make them as long as we want.

Who knows? Depending on the input, I might upload the lists as streaming music (or randomly mail out a couple of mix CDs). I’ll start (and make the other playlist a separate post to save space — see below). Click “more” to see my April list. Continue reading