Quarters for the Jukebox

In the Jukebox — July 2

In the Jukebox for this week (based off new releases and listed alphabetically be artist):

  • The Alkaline Trio — Agony & Irony: Pop-rock.
  • Beck — Chemtrails: An etheral, spacey (not for radio) single from the two turntabled maestro.
  • Crooked Still — Still Crooked: Moody folk bluegrass.
  • Jessica Simpson — Come On Over: I had to at least listen once and am thinking she’s a bit late to jump on the country train. The genre is already crowded with young blonde solo artists.
  • John Mayer — Live in Los Angeles: If you like John.
  • Kutless — To Know That You’re Alive: Melodic Christian hard rock.
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Album — Count to Ten by Tina Dico

Tina Dico

Tina Dico is a Danish indie pop singer, and Count to Ten is her second international album (which has been nominated for “Best Album” by the 2008 Danish Music Awards). Her voice is a clear alto, but the focus is more on the songwriting, opposed to her voice (though it shines in “Cruel to the Sensitive Kind”). The songs are low on hooks, but if you like somewhat-somber, introspective female singer-songwriters with meaningful lyrics, you should find something to like. Check for yourself.

Quarters for the songs: Night Cab; Count to Ten; You Know Better; Craftsmanship; My Business; Cruel to the Sensitive Kind; Magic (a bit Damien Rice-esque); Sacre Coeur.

Worth listening, if you like: Brandi Carlile; Neko Case; Beth Orton; Feist; Imogen Heap; Jewel; Missy Higgins; Tori Amos; Kathleen Edwards.