Quarters for the Jukebox

In the Jukebox — June 10

In the Jukebox for this week (based off what’s new to me and listed alphabetically by artist; lots to check out):

  • Adele—19: The second coming (and soberer?) version of Amy Winehouse?
  • Alanis Morissette—Flavors of Entanglement: Alanis goes back to a harder sound with pounding rock and heavy electronic sounds topped off with appropriately placed curse words.
  • Bangkok Five—We Love What Kills Us: Album of growling, manic rock with just enough of a dose of music sensibility to keep it cleverly all together—mucho potential to shine.
  • Ben Sollee—Learning to Bend: Earnest and beautiful music that touches into folk, soul, blues and pop.
  • Dr. John—City That Care Forgot: Big band blues rock with guest appearances by Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Ani DiFranco and Terence Blanchard.
  • Emmylou Harris—All I Intended to Be: A little country, a little folk, a little adult contemporary pop … .
  • The Fratellis: Melodic indie rock from across the pond, this trio has been on the cusp of making it in the U.S. for awhile but haven’t quite taken root. This sophomore album only strengthens their case.
  • Jakob Dylan—Seeing Things: The Wallflowers’ front man debuts his solo career with an offering of simply arranged, yet moving songs.
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Single — Something Good This Way Comes by Jakob Dylan

Jakob Dylan

Jakob Dylan releases a simple, soulful single for his first solo album, “Seeing Things” (available June 10). It’s an interesting choice for a first single as it’s pretty standard folk-pop … not to say that it’s not enjoyable—it is—but it probably won’t be scaling the radio-play charts. It does make me curious if this is a sign of what to expect from the upcoming album—a softer, simpler take on what sounds like Wallflowers’ songs (and I’m ok with that). Check for yourself.

If it were in a movie: montage of old couple doing nice things for each other.

Worth listening, if you like: The Wallflowers; Norah Jones; Amos Lee; Ryan Adams; Sheryl Crow; Michael McDermott; The Jayhawks.

Out this week — April 15

In the jukebox for this week (note: no way I’m reviewing all of these, but here’s what caught my eye … for reasons of appreciation or amusement):

  • The Constantines (album): Kensington Heights. I’ll review this later.
  • The Weepies (album): Hideaway. I don’t know this band, but there’s a cartoon whale on the cover.
  • Annea Lockwood (album): A Sound Map of the Danube. No lie, this is an album of just what it sounds like to ride down a river … no music (other than some distant church bells) … just water … and goats … .
  • The Duke Spirit (album): Neptune. I’ll review this later.
  • Jakob Dylan (single): Something Good This Way Comes. I’m a sucker for Wallflowers and will listen to this later in the week. Continue reading