Quarters for the Jukebox

Album — Anthems for the Damned by Filter

Anthem for the Damned
Filter is back after a six year hiatus and musically picks up where it left off. The album cover art features a helmet propped on a rifle, gazing over a darkened wasteland with little room for the sun to shine through. The visual cue is dead on for the music inside. The songs dwell largely in a world of war, consequences, hatred and uncertainty with a splash of hope. Per usual for a Filter album, the songwriting feels very personable and unguarded. The songs work well with each other and the whole thing feels somewhat like a concept album, creating a very bleak landscape. Within that landscape are a couple of songs with a shot at being successful singles: “Kill the Day” (or its remix) and “Cold” (echoes of “Take My Picture”). Check for yourself.

Quarters for the songs: Kill the Day; Cold; Hatred is Contagious; Lie After Lie.

Worth listening, if you like: Army of Anyone; Audioslave; Sound Garden; Deftones; Nine Inch Nails; Stone Temple Pilots.